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We have in depth knowledge of construction matters which include design, building regulations and codes; we also know our limits and have brilliant consultants who can assist in providing, you, the client with your desired building.
Party walls and expert witness. With our education and experience we have developed our skills and continue to do so. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and the laws that govern it which allow us to Act in these areas whether it be a Party Wall Surveyor or Expert Witness.
HardingBond are your local building surveyors supplying your homebuyers report, building survey and house survey. We inspect and report on new homes and older properties throughout the South East. We are your local, preferred, experienced surveyors
Commercial services. These commissions are usually for managing agents, landlords and tenants and we take our experience in both construction and the laws that govern it to provide these clients with an excellent service to assist them in protecting their legal position.