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Architectural & Construction Advice and Services

The building industry is a progressive industry with considerable changes to the rules and regulations which govern it.

From the outset of our education we have been dealing with these and through continued professional development we are kept up to date with those changes.

David and Ronan have a particular interest in historic buildings and enjoy contemporary design, which provides us with a good understanding of sympathetic design.

HardingBond also have a number of consultants who further specialise in areas of conservation, historic and listed buildings. Providing advice to private and corporate clients.

Thank you SO much for your efficiency. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services!

Marion Dunn, Charing

Planning Applications

We help you traverse the ever increasing bureaucracy within the planning structure and can assist in the production of environmental impact assessments, access statements ...

Project Management

Project Management is typically misunderstood as it does not just relate to managing a contractor whilst building works are under way but provides you, the Client, with a ...

Defect Analysis Reports

A core skill of a Chartered Building Surveyor is defect analysis and this skill runs through every single title and is essential in renovation, refurbishment, dilapidation...

Historic & Listed Buildings

We cover a wide range of specialist services and expertise for listed buildings and historic buildings: Schedules of Dilapidation & Repair These repo...