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Here is a selection of our architecture and interior design. If you want a closer look at the images, please click them to enlarge!


The client needed designs for new homes on a green field site, overlooking a valley and within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or AONB. Wanting, both, a Dutch modular system for the new homes and that we liaise with the factory in Amsterdam. 


An interesting feature of the proposed homes is the absence of rainwater pipes and guttering as the profiled cladding, a sine wave form in this instance, envelopes the roof and walls in a seamless pattern. Rainwater is allowed to run from the roofs down the walls into a land drain that runs around the building and on to a storage tank. The stored rainwater can then be used for watering the garden and for flushing toilets, reducing the water demand of the new properties. 

The plans show the ground floor on the left and the first floor on the right. Tipping the balance towards healthy space provision, rather than in favour of the often bare minimum accommodation that is provided in the UK mass housing market. The plant room, containing control gear for the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery, ground source heating and photovoltaic cell array systems is inserted under the stairs, making use of a space that is normally wasted. The current plan arrangement at ground floor provides an ideal layout for an elderly relative or guests to stay in the home as well as a home working space for the occupants.

First floor has been provided with three bedrooms- one master suite, one double bedroom and one single bedroom. Current minimum space standards require double bedrooms to be 11.5m² and single bedrooms to be 7.5m². Double bedrooms being 15m² and the single bedroom is 10.5m² 


The interior images have been reproduced courtesy of Hardeman, the Dutch system build specialist and shows the type of interior that can be achieved.

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