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Case Study

As an example of a Condition Report, here’s a summary of an inspection we carried out on a 1960s, 2-bedroom semi-detached home in Ashford, Kent.

Our report determined that much of the building was in good repair: the chimney and flues were in good working order, the replacement u.p.v.c. windows and doors were holding up well, and most of the property’s observable utility services were in place as expected.

However, there were a number of concerns raised about the roofline, such as a gap between the chimney flashings and roof tiles (potentially causing a leak in future. It was also noted that, following the installation of cavity wall insulation, the pointing applied to the underside of the gable-end roof was beginning to perish. The concrete rainwater goods were also noticed to be in poor condition, and the potential presence of asbestos-containing materials was observed in the ceilings and floors.

The full report demonstrates the degree of detail provided by a Condition Report, and gives you an idea of what to expect when buying a property of this age. Many items on the list may have been observed by the buyer prior to the survey, but there are several major defects listed in the report that may encourage them to negotiate their offer or reconsider their purchase.

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