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Having chosen your Surveyor, discuss with the Surveyor how he will undertake the project. For instance, with a Building Survey, will it be a superficial report or a detailed room by room analysis? Our reports are generally over 35 to 40 pages.

Does the report provide advice on the defects and poor maintenance found during the inspection? Is it of sufficient detail to avoid you having to commission further Reports? Our detailed reports are sufficient to allow you to re-negotiate the purchase price because they also include a section where the various items of repair found are costed in a global manner to assist in re-negotiating the price.

It is important that you determine the extent of the telephone support you will receive before, during and after the inspection.

So why commission a Survey? One of the reasons our clients cite for appointing us is to have peace of mind and know what needs to be done in the future to help maintain and improve the property.

Because we estimate the cost of undertaking the main defects, it provides a valuable tool to enable clients to renegotiate the purchase price.

Just as importantly we are regulated by the RICS and have the necessary £1,000,000 professional indemnity insurance in place for further peace of mind.

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