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Commercial Surveyor Services & Dilapidations

We recognise that each commercial project is individual to you. We seek to provide you with assistance in resolving your problems in the most professional and cost effective way possible in order to achieve best value.

Our team has a wealth of experience to enable us to guide you through the available options whether it is the purchase of a property, a worrying defect with your existing property or perhaps a neighbour dispute or concern with adjacent development.

We work for both landlords and tenants in resolving property related issues and on many occasions work closely with their legal representatives to resolves issues involving property law and the landlord and tenant acts.

The following pages provide further details of our main areas of expertise for clients, but this is not an exhaustive list. It's advisable to contact us and discuss your situation with our knowledgeable team. Even if it's an area we are not familiar with, we can probably direct you towards someone who is.

Thank you SO much for your efficiency. I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services!

Marion Dunn, Charing

Commercial Building Surveyor

Having chosen your Surveyor, discuss with the Surveyor how he will undertake the project. For instance, with a Building Survey, will it be a superficial report or a detail...

Schedule of Dilapidations

Dilapidations are a subject which few tenants give much consideration to when signing up to a lease. It's vitally important that before signing a lease the repairing coven...

Employer Agent

If you as a client wish to procure a project under a design and build a contract, we at Harding Bond Property Consultants will act as the employer's agent. These can inclu...

Project Monitoring

Project Management is typically misunderstood as it does not just relate to managing a contractor whilst building works are under way but provides you, the Client, wit...