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Conversion and renovation project at Dorset Place, Hastings. We were appointed to obtain planning approval for the change of use of a former cafe and guest house to a single family dwelling. After achieving planning success, we were retained to prepare working drawings and assist the client through the construction phase.

The completed project provides an impressive amount of accommodation. Four bedrooms including master suite; three reception rooms, including open plan day room, dining and kitchen and a sixty square metre cellar all amounting to 195 square metres in a house of only 4.5 metres width and two stories plus roof.

The design response to the existing layouts required some deft handling, starting with the replacement of an inefficient staircase at ground floor to provide a series of reception areas, including the open plan day room, dining area and kitchen at the rear of the ground floor. At the first floor, the client wanted a master suite with ensuite but also wanted a family bathroom. We designed an incredibly compact ensuite that can be closed off to remain unobtrusive and which does not eat into the floor area of the master bedroom or reduce the size of the family bathroom.

The project demonstrated the efficacy of an engaged client and a contractor that was willing to work closely with the architect, particularly in respect of project pricing, joinery design and fabrication and overcoming issues as they arose on site.

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