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Sadly, on occasions, there are instances where communications have broken down between parties or concerns regarding skills, ability or workmanship have arisen, resulting in the need for an independent expert opinion prepared in line with the Civil Procedure Rules.

This particular field of expertise is gained over many years and it is an area that we are privileged to practice in.

On occasions the production of a detailed report is sufficient to enable the parties to reach an agreed settlement without the need for costly court attendance.

It's not always as a result of contractual disputes, but may be a tenant seeking to persuade their landlord to comply with some of the more recent legislation to enable them to occupy their property in comfort.

If you wish to discuss your project with one of our Surveyors, we shall be pleased to enter into initial discussions with you.

Party Wall Expert Witness


These fields of expertise fall squarely on the shoulders of a chartered building surveyor as they require the person dealing with the commissions to have a good understanding of law in terms of party wall procedures and construction expertise workmanship and performance of materials for expert witness.

Our education from degree level considers the legal aspects with post graduation experience to attaining membership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. We deal with these items and upon being elected to membership of the RICS we continue to practice in these areas and further develop our expertise.

HardingBond Property Consultants are members of specialist organisations such as Pyramus & Thisbe Club and Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

We are required as members of both the RICS and Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors to complete and continue professional development to further and keep up with current techniques and regulations.

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