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Historic & Listed Buildings



We cover a wide range of specialist services and expertise for listed buildings and historic buildings:

Schedules of Dilapidation & Repair


These reports identify specific areas of decay to the historic fabric externally, identifying the necessary remedial works and phasing it in order of priority.

Archaeological Recording


Usually archaeological recording is part of a listed building application to provide a comprehensive recording of the building before and upon completion of any works including fully documented photographic montage.

Timber Frame Repairs


Modern intervention and general exposure to the weather results in deterioration of elements of a timber frame building such as sole plates, principle posts and mid rails. As part of the ongoing maintenance programme new elements have to be spliced in using traditional carpentry methods which retain the structural function of each member of a period property that may be listed.

Consolidation of Masonry Buildings


(Including brick, stone and terracotta) Fully marked up drawings showing the extent of masonry replacement, lime mortar repairs or sacrificial coatings which will protect the facade from the natural weathering process for a number of years.

Repair/Reinstatement of Lime Mortars, Renders and Plasters


Removal where possible of inappropriate modern mortars, plasters and renders and replacement with traditional materials which will allow the building to breathe, which helps reduce damp to buildings and subsequent rot and decay to timbers.




Full working specifications including temporary protection, materials, workmanship & methodology statements.

Other Services Available:

    •    Measured Surveys

    •    Technical Drawing

    •    Listed Buildings Applications

    •    Extensions to Listed Buildings

    •    Conversion of Rural Buildings

    •    General admin on Period Properties

If you own or manage a Listed Building you will probably be acutely aware of the requirement to obtain consent for most alterations and a great many repairs to your building. Because your building is listed it does not necessarily mean that you cannot make changes but any alterations should be sensitive to its historic character. We can offer an in depth service to research, design and prepare the applications. You should bear in mind that to undertake alterations without Listed Building Consent is a criminal offence for which you can be prosecuted.

At Hardings Chartered Building Surveyors we have considerable skills and experience in surveying and specifying repairs to Listed Buildings, which we would be glad to apply to your project.

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