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At HardingBond, we routinely carry out work relating to the Party Wall etc Act 1996, including surveys and representation for those involved in party wall matters. We are happy to work on behalf of one client or both, as an agreed surveyor across Hastings, East Sussex and beyond.

Building Owners

Where homeowners are planning construction, alteration or excavation on or near a party wall, our team can provide expert advice about staying within the law. We will help you to identify which aspects of your project fall under the Act, determine who will need to be legally notified of the work and represent your interests when drawing up a Party Wall Award, if necessary.

Adjoining Owners

HardingBond also provide advice to those that have been made aware of planned work affecting their party wall, either through an informal conversation, being served formal Notice or from being disrupted once work has started without warning. Whether you are looking for advice about consenting or dissenting to a Notice or would like your own surveyor to represent you in coming to an agreement with your neighbour, we can help.

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