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One of our clients asked recently, ‘what is the difference between an architect and a building surveyor?’ It is likely there are others who have the same question, so we thought it would be a useful post.

The role of Architects and Building Surveyors are quite similar but the way each approaches the built environment is different. Architects, for the most part, receive an arts based training and surveyors a science based one. It means that each profession sees things differently.

A lot of people think of an architect being more flamboyant and outgoing and the surveyor being more practical and cost aware. In reality, there is more to it.

Architects are responsible for noting and considering the fine details of the building design and use their knowledge of regulations and codes to secure project approvals. They generate good relationships with contractors and planning officers to ensure good working relationships. They are highly trained in the science of building design and think long term, to evaluate the health, safety and welfare for future occupants.

Building Surveyors have an in-depth knowledge of how buildings perform, what makes them work and the reasons behind building failure. This knowledge is invaluable in designing cost effective buildings that will perform well and also in assessing existing building stock to provide solutions to defects.

Architects and Building Surveyors working together in synergy, with Art and Science working holistically, are a force to be reckoned with. Appropriate and beautiful buildings that work are the result.

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