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Project Management is typically misunderstood as it does not just relate to managing a contractor whilst building works are under way but provides you, the Client, with a single point of contact from the conception of through to the completion of your project. Harding Bond Property Consultants would typically discuss your requirements and compile a design brief and procure construction professionals upon your behalf. Upon completion of the design stage, the design specification will be tendered to contractors, the results of the tenders will then be analysed for best practice, i.e. time, ability and cost, with recommendations presented to you.

A standard Form of Building Contract will be executed between you and the preferred contractor and this would be administered on your behalf. Not only does this role take the stress away from you, we drive the team forward by motivating and managing to ensure the project completes on time and on budget.

This is typically a role for funding bodies, i.e. if you are a landlord or a corporate body like a financial institution who have an interest in the property and need to ensure any building works completed to your properties or being completed funded by yourself, are executed in a manner which will protect your investment. Normally a tenant will employ their own design team and contractor to undertake some building work, and as such you will have no control over what they do. Project monitoring gives you this control.

We at Harding Bond Property Consultants are your eyes and ears and ensure that all matters are completed in accordance with either a lease or financial agreement. 

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