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Dilapidations are a subject which few tenants give much consideration to when signing up to a lease. It's vitally important that before signing a lease the repairing covenants within the lease are fully explained and considered, so that the appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate your losses at the end of a lease.

We shall be pleased to meet with a tenant and their legal advisors to peruse and advise on the lease. Equally, we are often employed to assist the tenant or landlord at the end of the lease when the landlord serves a schedule of dilapidations on the tenant.

Our role, when employed by the tenant, is to ensure that the tenant only undertakes the works required under the terms of the lease. In a similar fashion, where the landlord seeks a settlement of costs, ensuring the costs claimed are reasonable.

Equally, when employed by the Landlord, our role is to ensure that the protocol is complied with when preparing a schedule of dilapidations and, if necessary, negotiating the repairs or monetary settlement between the parties.

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