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Good Afternoon! All of us at Harding Bond hope our readers have had a good start to 2021 and that you are all happy and safe, despite the current circumstances. These are challenging times indeed.

I am blogging today to let our readers know that we continue to work hard during lock down. We’ve had to be rather more fleet of foot to observe social distancing and Tier 4 requirements but we are still running projects across all of the RIBA stages of work. Alongside ensuring there is only one member of the team in the studio at a time and staying socially distanced during construction site visits, we are also utilising technology to conduct virtual meetings, presentations and building tours. Some local authorities are not conducting site visits due to Tier 4 requirements but the planning process doesn’t simply stop! We’ve conducted a virtual tour of one of our projects to help a planning officer understand our proposals, all in the name of maintaining progress.

Even though we are a small company, providing an exemplary service to our clients and ensuring they have the best experience possible while working with us, is a key aim.

Hope you all have a spectacular day!

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