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Among our most popular services are our property surveys; which follow the format approved by RICS, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. While a mortgage valuation is conducted only for the benefit of your lender and won't tell you anything about the condition of the property you are about to buy, a RICS survey provides an in-depth understanding of your new home, highlighting potential problems and helping you avoid expensive, urgent repair bills once you move in.

Because the housing stock is so varied we have developed, in line with the guidance notes issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a variety of bespoke surveys designed to provide the correct Survey for you, taking into account the age, type, size and intended use of the property. This way we achieve both value for money and peace of mind for our clients.

Building Surveys

The Building Survey is the most in-depth inspection offered by RICS, and is most suitable for larger homes, period properties and buildings that are in obvious need of repair. The report will provide exceptional detail about all accessible interior and exterior parts of the property, using the same traffic light system as the other reports to indicate the urgency with which problems should be addressed. Where access is not possible, your surveyor will make an informed judgement about potential hidden problems and include these in the report, along with recommendations and cost estimates for repair and maintenance.

Home Condition Reports

The Home Condition Report is a level 1 inspection that documents the condition of your home on the day of inspection. If any defects or potential hazards are apparent then this will be highlighted in your report. The report is presented using a traffic light system to indicate the severity of any issues found, and if an area of the property cannot be sufficiently inspected, the surveyor should make note of this. The Condition Report is best for homes that appear to be in good working order and to give purchasers peace of mind when they get the keys.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness Reports are prepared in line with Civil Procedure Rules for the client or their solicitor, where action is being taken against a third party. Typically, the report is required to show the failure of a contractor to complete a project to the standards expected. 

Defect Analysis Report

The Defects Analysis Report has been developed for owners who have a concern regarding a single issue, such as cracking, damp or movement. It records the condition as inspected, the possible causes (very occasionally it is necessary to undertake further investigation by opening up the structure) and the solutions available. Typically it will be 4-6 pages long and is undertaken for a fixed fee.

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